Don't Trash My Vote


Honorable Judge Sarah I. Zabel
Miami-Dade Circuit Court

Dear Judge Zabel:

My family, friends and I respectfully request that you uphold Florida's Constitution and protect the civil rights of everyone who voted in the historic 2008 election that elected Barack Obama president and ordained that Florida’s Constitution honor the revered institution of Marriage as the union of one man, one woman.

Something is fundamentally wrong, when a small group of extremists use bogus and deceitful arguments to demand in open court that the votes of 7.8 million Floridians be violated and trampled on! It’s now up to you to do the right thing: protect our rights as voters, respect our equality under the law; and dismiss the discriminatory lawsuit titled Pareto, Catherine v. Ruvin - Case No. 2014 - 1661 - CA01.

OUR voting rights, OUR dignity, and OUR equality under the law are not negotiable.


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A discriminatory lawsuit was filed recently in Miami-Dade Circuit Court by anti-voting rights extremists seeking to overthrow our State’s Constitution and trash the votes of millions of Floridians through the stroke of a local judge’s pen.

Each and every voter in Florida is today threatened with the cruel stigma of discrimination and inequality. Each and every Florida voter faces the specter of having their votes UN-counted; of having their votes trashed by extremists attacking the every core of democracy and civil rights in America; the very core of the principle of one man, one vote; the very core of the equality and rights Dr. Martin Luther King and so many others fought for.

Regardless of your opinion of how your fellow Floridians voted on the institution of Marriage or any other issue, surely you will agree that your hard-won civil right to vote must be respected; that your vote and everyone else’s must be counted, and that no one, absolutely no one, whether it’s a local judge or the Klan of old, should trash or threaten your vote.

This is an issue of basic fairness and equal rights. It’s incredible that in the 21st century, you still have to fight against discrimination just to HAVE YOUR VOTE COUNTED AND RESPECTED!

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